Skype lessons!

Recommended for the students who are busy or live far from a language school and teacher’s home.

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Skype lessons

Skype is a free software that allows you to connect your PC with other Skype users’ PCs through the Internet, and converse face to face. Recently, more and more students are using Skype to study foreign languages and the number is increasing. You can take a lesson without leaving the comfort of your own home. I recommend it to people who live in areas where there are no Italian schools available. People who never used Skype before can mail me at the following address and ask me about instructions for installation.

During the Skype lesson it is possible to use the textbook, listen to the CD and watch videos together with the teacher, as if it were a classroom lesson at school. I will broadcast audio and video from my PC to the students’ PCs. As for textbooks, we are going to use OPERA PRIMA, published by the Italian Instute of Culture in Tokyo, and ESPRESSO, which is recently widely used in Italy. As for the teaching method, I will use the communicative approach, that starts with conversation before proceeding on to grammar.

Teacher’s profile

I have been teaching for many years at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo. I have a qualification for teaching Italian issued by the Foreigner’s University of Siena, the DITALS 2.


The fee is 3000 JPY for one hour. It is also possible to take a 30 minute lesson for 1500 JPY. I recommend you try the free one hour trial lesson.

If you register with our forum, you can get a 10% discount on the first 4 lessons. Please see FORUM for details.


For questions about Skype installation, level check, trial lessons, discounts etc., please contact me at the following address.